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Viu Launches Community Arm "Viuniverse"

Viu fans, get ready to traverse a whole new Viuniverse with one of the biggest video streaming providers in the world!

A blue and purple animated universe
Viuniverse | Image From Viu

Just last year, Viu debuted their community arm under the catchy name, Viuniverse. The primary goal of the platform is to connect with loyal Viu-ers and engage with them over fun topics.

It's no secret that K-Drama and K-Pop fans go the extra mile to support their favorite actors or biases. From watching concerts and binge-watching K-Dramas all the way to catalyzing extravagant birthday ads and organizing huge fundraising events for good causes, Hallyu fans have transformed into an entire planet of their own.

As a sign of appreciation to loyal fans, Viuniverse was born. This brilliant community wing is an exclusive platform where viewers and fans can spark conversation while showing support for their favorite dramas and actors.

This free-for-all avenue is the perfect channel for fans to start topics and discuss episodes of Viu's shows together. It's a true drama universe at your fingertips just waiting for your voice to be heard.

Imagine having just finished the latest episode of True Beauty and logging straight onto Viuniverse after that to rave about it with fellow viewers and like-minded people? Because if you're watching K-Dramas on Viu, then you've definitely got good taste.

Two men and one girl wearing school uniforms
True Beauty | Image From tvN

Viuniverse discussions to look forward to in January 2021:

  • True Beauty: A Viu Team Discussion

  • Actor Spotlight: Shin Hye Sun

  • Why We Love These Contestants On Fun-Staurant

  • And so much more fun content!

Check out Viuverse's Facebook Group to catch the Open Thread Posts every Thursday and Friday!

What are you waiting for, Viu-ers? The Viuniverse awaits!


Source: Viu Press Release

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