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Stranger Things: Season 4 Big Finale and Their 80s Aesthetic Fashion

Stranger Things isn't just a platform for otherworldly excitement; it's also a haven for retro fashion!

Prepare yourself for an extended binge as Volume 2 of Stranger Things Season 4 was aired with an extra length of two last episodes! For the first time, Netflix releases the show’s season in two parts.

Volume 1 tied up loose ends and gave you a gap of roughly five weeks to theorize about the expansion of the characters, and puzzle the pieces of the plot together. Although it is answering some long-waited questions from the backstory reveal of the Upside Down — that got us feeling upside down, plus a bunch of soundtracks that keep us rollin’, there are still more to unpack.

Kids are not kids anymore, and the story has broadened to a wider scope. The Duffer Brothers’ latest statement brings up more speculation that this is not the last season, the next (and final) season is still in progress. However, the wrap of this chapter is pretty much a big deal, whatever they have in store for us later.

Aside from its dark and gruesome concept, the humor is still there (thank goodness). Not to mention the nostalgic vibe of the show that picks up from the mid-80s. The cast serves one retro OoTD after the other.

In the name of pop culture, let’s recap some of the best '80s looks across the season.

Pops of Color

Stranger Things cast
Image from Instagram @elodiegraceorkin

These girls pop color in every piece from head to toe, adding headbands or scrunchies to accessorize. They play their cards right by dressing in eye-catching hues at the iconic roller-skate arena.

Summer Days

Eleven and Max from Stranger Things
Image from Instagram @strangerthingstv

Sunnies, ice creams, and more and more colors for jolly summer days.

Braids for Days

Erica of Stranger Things
Image from Instagram @priahferguson

Admit it, the jumpsuit and mini-braided hairdo are cool back then in our childhood days, but we still can’t get enough of it!

Awesome Accessories

Stranger Things
Image from Twitter @strangernews11

How ‘bout going extra for swim session? Colorful jazzercise suit, puffy hair, and never forget a set of jewelry.

So Chic

Stranger Things
Image from Instagram @strangerthingstv

But.. this era is not only about pop culture. Some are going a little chic old-fashioned in preppy looks and a calmer pastel tone.

So Sophisticated

Stranger Things
Image from Instagram @strangerthingstv

Spoiler alert.

To those who have no idea who is this family, watch Volume 1 to follow through ASAP. Even though these vintage looks took more part in the 50 to the 60s, some of the pieces are the classic ones that transcended throughout further eras.

Pretty in Plaid

Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven of Stranger Things
Image from Instagram @strangerthingstv

The plaid shirts are casually winning throughout this era. But why did Eleven get imprisoned? Ah, another reason to watch the previous volume of this season!


The cast of Stranger Things Netflix
Image from Instagram @strangerthingstv

T-shirt, sneakers, and tube socks=totally timeless pieces. And a bowl hair cut? Why not?

The Essentials

Stranger Things
Image from Instagram @strangerthingstv

That one comfy raglan sleeve shirt that stays a long time in your wardrobe, and a cap as an addition.

Oversized Style

The cast of Stranger Things Netflix
Image from Instagram @strangerthingstv

Denim pieces, oversized sweaters or jackets, you name it. The practical look for most of the season. The bigger, the better.


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