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Episode 1 of "River Where the Moon Rises" Sends Viewers Into A Journey Back In Time

Launching like a historical firework, River Where the Moon Rises, premiered on February 15, 2021, and promises to be one that you'll never forget.

A man wearing a historical costume
River Where the Moon Rises | Image Courtesy of Viu

The First Korean Original by VIU

As Viu's pioneer original Korean production, the period drama has already lived up to the hype in its pilot episode. With stunning power duo, Jisoo and Kim So Hyun helming the stellar cast, you'll find yourself glued to your seat with your eyes fixated on the adventures playing out on screen.

A Period Drama For the Ages

Catalyzing a time slip that spirals us back into the golden era (circa 1145), River Where the Moon Rises is heavily inspired by The History of the Three Kingdoms. The story revolves around fearless Pyeonggang (Kim So Hyun), a princess with lofty dreams of becoming Goguryeo's first queen. When she meets brave On Dal (Jisoo), they stick by each other to take on the twists and turns that intertwine with their path.

A woman wearing a sedge hat and Korean warrior costume
River Where the Moon Rises | Image Courtesy of Viu

River Where the Moon Rises has only aired its first episode, but it's already flaunting its phenomenal prowess. The big question is: Will this warrior princess fulfill her dream? Only Viu holds the answer!


Source: Viu


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