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K-Drama Review: Extraordinary Attorney Woo Lives Up to Its Title

Nothing short of extraordinary, indeed!

If you love K-dramas, you've definitely heard about this one lately. This K-drama isn't even over yet, but has already become one of our favorites.

It won't take much to convince you that this K-drama that will be a fan favorite for many years to come.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo
Extraordonary Attorney Woo | Image from Netflix

About Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin) is a 27-year-old lawyer with autism.

Young Woo is an outstanding professional. Having an IQ of 164, she graduated as the top student in her class at the prestigious Seoul National University.

Due to her intelligence and photographic memory, she managed to secure a job at a large law firm.

While she may be highly intelligent, Young Woo doesn't do well with social interactions. As a result, many see her as a weirdo or loner, which turned her into a target for bullies back in school.

The series focuses on Young Woo's growth as a lawyer and as a person, as she meets new people who will make a difference in her life.

Why watch Extraordinary Attorney Woo?

Centering on a character with a disability can often feel like they're walking a tightrope based on the accuracy of the depiction. While we're no experts on autism or neurodiversity, the description of this in Extraordinary Attorney Woo seems to be done with a lot of love.

Woo Young Woo is certainly quirky, but she also has excellent merits and show her ability to try new things and step out of her comfort zone. These characteristics are essential traits that make her shine as the TV show's protagonist.

Her world is also full of cool characters.

Hardly anyone is overtly mean to her (except for one colleague who asks point-blank if she's stupid when she can't figure out how to get out of a revolving door). However, her colleagues do tend to have some healthy skepticism designed to show her capability. Theae are the times when her capacity is showcased.

There's also a big potential love interest for Woo Young Woo,which softens the show's rigid legal edges.

And it's an enjoyable hour anchored by excellent performances and an exciting storyline that promises to only expand in new directions throughout the season.

The Discovery of Love

We can see the prejudice that people with mental disabilities suffer, as if they cannot love. That stereotype is shattered when she discovers love with Kang Tae Oh.

The choice of actress Park Eun Bin could not be better, and this role will certainly go down as one of the best in the history of her career. No doubt, this woman did her homework. The mannerisms and even very simple things that only those who have, study, or live with someone with autism know, she replicates them precisely.

Emotional Masterpiece

The third episode depicted how Young-Woo struggled to live with prejudice, the feeling of incapacity, and grandeur. Young Woo is an autistic, genius, and fantastic woman, who grows up and faces adversity. And she portrays it perfectly.

This TV series also shows that even if you are someone on the autistic spectrum, you can have a relationship, be independent, celebrate every step, and bask in every victory in your life, as we all should.

Where to Watch Extraordinary Attorney Woo

If you want to watch this amazing K-Drama, run to Netflix, which releases new episodes weekly.


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