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Here's Why Dali and Cocky Prince Is Worth Watching

It's all about art, love, and cooking.

Dali and Cocky Prince delights audiences with a plot full of romance and surprises.

This series is a Korean drama released back in 2021, yet didn't get all the hype it deserved. However, after premiering on Netflix recently, it successfully captured the attention of the K-Drama fans.

So, if you are new to this wonderful K-Drama, we're about to give you the right reasons to watch it.

Dali and Cocky Prince
Dali and Cocky Prince | Image from KBS2

About Dali and Cocky Prince

Dali (Park Gyu-Young) is the daughter of a wealthy and influential family in Korea. She is responsible for several social works and her art gallery, which features an enviable collection.

Oin the other hand, we have Jin Moo Hak (Kim Min Jae), who comes from a poor background and has built an empire, alongside his family. An empire made of pork. As a nouveau riche clan, they flaunt their positions with expensive clothes and comical attempts to join the society of the wealthy.

When Dali's family starts to go bankrupt, it's Moo Hak who borrows an exorbitant amount to save them. But between one consequence of fate and another, the two meet in the Netherlands, because of a misunderstanding. Later on, they meet again in Korea, when Dali's father passes away, and Moo Hak gets his money back.

An Unlikely Pair

Like the grand standard of dramas, the main couple wants nothing to do with each other. So, we don't expect them to fall in love so ideally, but that's exactly what happens.

In addition to forming an unexpected couple, Moo Hak and Dali also depict an the ideal relationship goals; a relationship in which one supports and defends the other and their respective temperaments are accepted.

Despite being polar opposites, the couple exudes incredible chemistry from the get-go.

What We Love About Dali and Moo Mak

If you think you'll see an ideal girl who doesn't show her feelings, we're glad to inform you that you're wron! Dali has moments of weakness, but she also defends herself and her loved ones with all her claws.

Moo Hak is simply captivating. Yes, he likes to have money after spending his childhood in poverty, but he has values that can't be bought. The leading man is also a person who carried a lot of burdens that, before Dali, he couldn't get out of.

That's the beauty of the drama; Dali and Moo Mak complement and support each other, being the best version of themselves with each other.

Art and Gastronomy

Dali is proof that art can be a pleasure shared by all. Her work educates the public about the need to acquire art and admire it as it arises.

At the same time, Moo Hak discusses the importance of healthy eating and self-care to the public. This concept encourages the viewers to understand that some limits need to be respected so that we can live better. One of these is the essence of always enjoying a good meal.

Curiously mixed together, art and cuisine coalesce unexpectedly. Thanks to Dali and Cocky Prince, we learn about existing just for culture and existing just for routine, and how to bring the two together to find balance.

Dali and Cocky Prince
Dali and Cocky Prince | Image from KBS2

Starry Supporting Characters

Despite seeming playful, the plot brings together politicians, businessmen, and cruel ambitions. Shining a spotlight on serious matters that send an important message.

Plans about urbanism, theft, neglect of death, envy, and ambition, create an itinerary full of surprises and attractions. But it's not just drama of bad things, so don't worry about it being too heavy!

The secondary characters represent raw feelings, always with only one concentrated emotion to give. For instance, the policeman is justice, the rejected friend is passion, the nephew is redemption and the brother is ambition. And so on. Each is a painting of its own. In a nutshell, Dali and Cocky Prince is packed with both humor and riveting symbolism.

It's a truly heartwarming K-Drama that sits high up in our list of faves, and we're guessing that you're switching on Netflix as we speak!


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