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BTS Renews Their Commitment To "Love Myself" Campaign With UNICEF

Along with the inspirational renewal to the Love Myself campaign collaboration with UNICEF came a generous donation of $1 million.

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BTS | Image From Big Hit Entertainment

Love Myself

In 2017, BTS and Big Hit Entertainment teamed up with UNICEF to establish the Love Myself campaign, which is geared towards creating a safer and more loving environment for young people around the world. Being famous for their inspiring music with thought-provoking lyrics, the campaign couldn't be more perfect for BTS.

Working hand in hand to bring peace to this world of chaos, BTS and UNICEF's work is a collaboration of two massive powers. Since 2017, the campaign has raised around $2.98 million to aid UNICEF in its mission to halt violence against children and young individuals. "Love Myself" has spread rays of sunshine in the form of hope and kindness to people all over the world and has opened doors for those who want to share their own stories and experiences of violence and bullying.

The Mission of Love Continues

This year, the seven-piece renewed their partnership with UNICEF in a continued effort to help put a stop to global violence and neglect. The movement also encourages young people to boost their well-being and self-esteem.

On March 5th, the organization released a video featuring BTS, Executive Director of UNICEF Henrietta Fore, Executive Director of UNICEF Korea Lee Key Cheol, and Big Hit's CEO HQ and Management Jiwon Park who announced the group's pledge to continue the Love Myself campaign. Big Hit Entertainment joins BTS in renewing the allegiance until 2022.

$1 Million Donation

UNICEF shared that the group and their agency will be donating over $1 million to the Korean Committee for UNICEF along with the proceeds from the sales of their Love Myself merchandise and a portion of their profits from their "Love Yourself" album.

It All Begins With Small Steps

"We are extremely moved and thankful that our Love Myself campaign, which began with small steps, is now being elevated to a multinational MCA partnership." -RM, BTS

Every big journey to success begins with small steps. You just have to keep going. Thank you for this phenomenal campaign, UNICEF and BTS.

Here's to a kinder, safer, and more connected world for every child, for every person. #LoveMyself


Source: Big Hit Entertainment and UNICEF

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