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BTS Strikes Again at the iHeartRadio Music Festival 2020

BTS has once again proven that they can break barriers, both language and distance, because their performance at the iHeartRadio Music Festival 2020 was the epitome of DYNAMITE!

Screen Capture from iHeartRadio Music Festival 2020

While BTS goes about their September promo for their first collective English track, "Dynamite", they definitely outdid themselves during their latest performance. While the pandemic prevents people from traveling, we have all found ways to enjoy life from the comfort of our own homes for the time being; and the same goes for BTS. Distance is no match for this group, as they delivered a performance that took the festival by storm. Like sun on a rainy day, BTS lit up the stage with "Dynamite", "Make It Right", "Spring Day", and "Boy WIth Luv".

To keep you in the festival mood, here are the 4 highlights of BTS' beautiful performance at the #iHeartRadioFestival2020.

2. The Secret's Out! There Are Two BTS Groups

Image from iHeartRadio Music Festival 2020

So, this is how they stay so awesome! Big Hit had them cloned? (Just kidding.)

During the transition of "Make It Right" to "Spring Day", BTS stepped onto a revolving platform, which revealed the boys changed from their retro outfits into their soft pastel palettes for "Spring Day". If that wasn't magical enough, the platform stopped turning to give the illusion that there were two groups singing along with each other. Now there is twice the talent, twice the charisma, and twice the love! Who wouldn't want two BTSes? Now, they can be at two places at once! (Is this what they meant with Magic Shop?)

2. V and Suga's Twinning Powers of Fashion

Image from iHeartRadio Music Festival 2020

V was clad in a white button-down shirt, retro patterned-pants, and a pair of suspenders. While Suga donned boot cut pants and a shirt in the exact same retro pattern! I commend the amazing stylist for this quirky idea! I would love to go shopping with BTS and their stylists. Definitely on my To-Do list.

3. The Boys on Retro Street

Image from iHeartRadio Music Festival 2020

The set at the beginning of the performance took us back in time to a charming little street in retro town. The best part was when the lighting shifted from a bright sunny day to a serene night with fireworks to light up the sky. From the old mailbox to the vintage cars just casually parked by the sidewalk, it is evident that retro is the new modern!

4. The Return of Boy with Luv

Image from iHeartRadio Music Festival 2020

A favorite of many (and a personal fave of mine!), audiences were definitely wowed by this crowd pleaser. All dolled up in their pink and white "Boy With Luv" ensembles, Jin, V, Jungkook, Jimin, RM, Suga, and J-Hope capped off a wonderful performance with a dose love! Also, Jin may not have thrown a rose this time, but just because he's the rose himself.

You rock, iHeartRadio! You rock, BTS! Here' to the next festival being live and in person!



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