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4 Reasons to Watch "Love Is for Suckers"

This is a sign to watch Love Is for Suckers!

About Love Is for Suckers

Gu Yeo-Reum (Lee Da-Hee) works as a producer for TV variety shows. Her newest project is titled Kingdom of Love, a reality show for those looking seeking love. In her own personal life, Gu Yeo-Reum is good friends with Park Jae-Hun (Choi Si-Won). The duo has been friends and neighbors for over 20 years.

A bit about Park Jae-Hun: he is a doctor and works at a plastic surgery clinic. While he may seem successful at first glance, he has lost interest in his work and in finding a romantic partner. To help his friend, Gu Yeo-Reum, he participates in the reality show, Kingdom of Love as a regular cast member. While working together as producer and cast member, they unexpectedly develop romantic feelings for each other.

Love is for suckers kdrama
Love is For Suckers | Image from ENA

Why Watch This K-Drama?

1. An Everyday Story

This is a K-Drama with a mature storyline. You will not see a perfect couple, nor will you see perfect people. They make mistakes and eventually succeed. And just like everyone else, they each navigate their own path in search of happiness.

2. The Chemistry

As a couple, Lee Da Hee and Choi Siwon seemed like a great idea on paper, but only some people could have anticipated the charming chemistry these two have on screen. The intensity and heat that they give to the story are fascinating and undeniably draw the viewers in. There are profound, butterfly-inducing emotions between these two that are bound to make your heart flutter.

Love is for suckers kdrama
Love is For Suckers | Image from ENA

3. The Plot

Love Is for Suckers has all the twists you can expect from a romantic comedy. It has the classic love triangle, childhood friends that end up being a couple, first love romance; it has it all. But despite these mandatory love story elements, the series has a very nostalgic feel that will remind you of classic rom-coms that any K-drama lover may have missed and is familiar with.

Love is for suckers kdrama
Love is For Suckers | Image from ENA

Although these themes are common, Love is for Suckers presents them in a far from typical. Instead, focus to the story's heart and the chemistry between the two main leads. On top of that, individual character development and evolving relationships make the tropes more exciting.

Love is For Suckers KDrama
Love is For Suckers | Image from ENA

4. The Cute and the Tender

Butterflies don't stop moving here. Just when you think you've captured a scene's nuances, another scene will touch your heart. Watching these two help each other through life's difficulties is the comfort and warmth we all need, especially when the weather turns cooler. Everyone needs a Goo Yeo Reum and a Park Jae Hoon to lift them when they feel like they've hit rock bottom.

Watch Love Is for Suckers on Viki!


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