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BTS Comeback: Album Highlights

"PROOF" marks the group's ninth anniversary and celebrates the history that BTS has written. Here's what we love most about it!

BTS released "PROOF" last month on leading digital platforms; which brings together the main singles of the group's nine years. Alongside the songs that marked a generation and made chart history are also three previously unreleased tracks: “Yet To Come,” “RUN BTS,” and “For Youth.” In total, there are 48 songs!

Let's talk about this incredible album's brightest highlights.

The Numbers

The single. "Yet To Come", came hand in hand with a powerful music video. Showing that the ARMY fandom is as faithful as ever, the MV has already surpassed 116 million views. In its first week, the anthology album entered the Most Listened To Spotify, with "Yet to Come" in sixth place, "Run BTS" in tenth, "For Youth", and "Born Singer" in thirtieth and fortieth.

Another detail that drew a lot of attention is the absence of choreography, making the artists' expressions and feelings the focus of the video.

According to Big Hit Music, the single recalls BTS' musical journey and promises a brighter future. "The gentle melody harmonizes with the hopeful message of 'You and me, the best time is yet to come."


Proof" is an anthology that celebrates the group's nine-year career, and came with an incredible music video (directed by Yong Seok Choi) that took ARMY by surprise with the amount of visual references that allude to other eras of its trajectory. Essential songs like "Spring Day", "Blood Sweat & Tears", and "No More Dream" got their very own reinterpretations in the MV – and fans are already cataloging everything.

"Run BTS' was also laden with nostalgia. Produced by J-Hope, Suga, and RM, "Run BTS" brings hip-hop feel mixed with a light touch of rock in the melodies. The lyrics speak of the band's hard work over the years.

For Youth

Dedicated to ARMY, the song "For Youth" marks the end of the third CD of the album "PROOF". It uses a sample of 'EPILOGUE: Young Forever" ( B-side song from the album 'The Most Beautiful Moment In Life). It kicks off with the screams of fans during the live performance of BTS. This is the only track of the third CD available on digital platforms, the others are only available on physical media.


BTS announced on Tuesday, June14th, a hiatus from the group. Amidst the boyband's ninth-year celebrations, the members talked about the decision made so that they can focus on individual projects, including the release of official albums.

The announcement was made in a commemorative broadcast on YouTube for the group's anniversary. In it, the members stressed that the hiatus time does not mean separation. "It's not that we're splitting up/disbanding; we're just living apart for a while," Suga reinforced.

The Message

“'PROOF' is a special album that closes BTS Chapter 1, which is approaching its ninth anniversary since debut. As the message to the fans who have been with us for the past nine years is at the album's heart, we put as much effort into the lyrics as possible,” explained RM via Big Hit Music.

"As the album's focus is our message to our fans who have been with us for the past nine years, we paid more attention to our lyrics," RM continued.

"As 'Proof' is an album that captures the history of BTS, it keeps bringing to mind different memories from the last nine years," says Jin.

"Because it's an album that brings back the history of BTS, we paid a lot of attention to how the songs were arranged on the album. If you listen to the album from the first track, there will be some fun in listening to it [in order]," says Suga.

"Because it's our first time releasing an album in a long time, I'm excited and very happy. I want to enjoy [the album] together with our fans as soon as possible." says J-Hope.

"I felt it was even more special because [working on the album] allowed me to examine the other members' emotions as well as my own, and because we were able to talk about them together," says Jimin.

"As it is an album that captures our journey over the past nine years, I sincerely hope it becomes a precious gift to the fans who have always rooted for us and made history for us." says V.

"It feels like we're writing a very thick book and now we're finishing it. Just like we've always done with our albums up until now, we've paid attention to every aspect while working on it. It's an album that does a good job of conveying BTS' history so far. As well as our current feelings". says Jungkook.

Tell us; what is your favorite part of the "PROOF" era?



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